Tuesday, September 28, 2010

All Hallow's Eve Wreath

This radiant wreath was inspired by the following poem:

On All Hallows' Eve
the dead will arise
to walk the earth
amidst you and I,
Barriers are breached
'tween their world and ours
as lost souls flow forth
and cause men to cower,
The Lord of the Dead
releases their bonds
to roam the creation
from dusk until dawn
The Evil of the night
is kept at bay
by fashioned masks
bearing unholy traits
while candles are lit
so the spirits may find
the family and friends
they left behind,
Listen to the whispers
in songs on the wind,
They'll reveal your future
if you welcome them in,
The dearly departed
are invited to feast,
or tricks will be played
if you deny them a treat,
Forgotten are the tales
the elders once weaved,
but they come back to haunt
on All Hallows' Eve.

--Jack E. Bilek

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