Saturday, June 4, 2011

Newest Bedhead Doll Wreath--What if Alice Stayed in Wonderland?

Am I the only one that wanted Alice to stay in Wonderland (Underland) at the end of Tim Burton's Alice?

Here's the wreath to celebrate that alternate reality!

Both Alice and the Mad Hatter are handmade cloth dolls--completely child safe for those over 3--by one of my favorite doll artists, Hapslappy:

This wreath features FOUR removable toys, actually--two dolls, a white rabbit, and a cute hat that can be worn by Alice or a little girl for the cutest photos!

The tea set is vintage china...there are five handmade polymer clay cupcakes representing different Wonderland characters...

This is the PERFECT birthday or Christmas gift for that special child in your life! A gorgeous bedroom or toy room decoration, with handmade one of a kind toys (the dolls alone cost over $100.00)!

Just listed in my etsy shop...don't miss it, as there will never be another--

And if you need to make payments to purchase, no problem! Just contact me...

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