Wednesday, August 31, 2011

All Hallows Eve Candle Wreath

A glowing candle guides spirits back to their places of rest on All Hallows Eve, forming the focal point for this lush wreath; this safe artificial candle is made of real wax, flickering just like a real candle (and it smells of pomegranates--the fruit of the underworld), yet it is completely removable to replace batteries each season; because it is difficult to catch the glowing beauty of a glowing candle in full light photographs, I took one photograph in low light to show off the candle itself (forgive the blurriness of this photo--low light is difficult to photograph in!)

Everyone loved my glowing candle wreath so much last Hallows Eve, that I decided to craft a completely different version, using a one of a kind handmade cloth folk art doll by by one of my favorite primitive artists who calls herself "Tulleshed"--she has such a way with faces, just look at the mischievous face of this little pumpkin guy!

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