Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A very special Waldorf Doll wreath...

This GORGEOUS handmade art yarn wreath features an heirloom doll named Cinnamon Twist--measuring 16 inches from head to toe, she is made in the Waldorf tradition with cotton interlock for skin, clean carded wool stuffing, and crayon red boucle hair with white and silver highlights (peppered with the most delectable tiny bows).

Dressed in an eclectic dress and ruffled pantaloons with an imported Alice in Wonderland themed fabric, she is truly stunning and unique, and is completely removable to be a treasured childhood companion for that special child in your life! (Lovingly handmade by-- --this talented doll maker is currently booked up through Christmas with custom orders for her adorable dolls that retail for $150.00.)

Measuring 25 inches high and 21 inches across, this wreath has been hand wrapped by hand dyed and hand spun art yarn made by various Etsy artisans--lush and sparkling shades of black, red, ivory, turquoise wool yarn with glittering angelina fiber. Hand made fabric and lace flowers decorate the wreath, and continuing with the Alice in Wonderland theme you will find 9 wood cut characters taken from the original illustrations from the beloved novel, as well as 3 fabric hearts (with pearls and lace). To top it all off, three handmade "stuffed" Card Guard Plushies are "painting the roses red"--secured to the wreath are the 4 of diamonds and the 7 of clubs, while the 2 of hearts is removable (like the doll) to be played with by your child as well.

Card Guard Plushies made by:
Hand spun art yarns made by: , , , and
Alice in Wonderland cuts made by:
Fabric Flowers handmade by:

A one of a kind Christmas present...just waiting for a special little girl to love her!

Just listed in my etsy shop!

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