Thursday, April 29, 2010

Important tips for wreath-making...

A few of my customers have asked me to compile a list of tips for making wreaths...

1. Do not skimp on product! Buy the highest quality, for a wreath is only as good as its components. Always buy a bit more than you think you almost always use more than you think, and don't'll use that extra product where you least expect it in the future!

2. Choose one or more items to build your wreath around--a doll, a sign, two masks, three fairies, four flags, five pumpkins...whatever you choose as your central items, make sure you place them FIRST upon the wreath before anything else--these will set the tone and theme of your creation.

3. Plan ahead. The more pre-planning (and prior envisioning) you do for a wreath before beginning, the better the wreath. If you just "throw together" a wreath, it will look exactly like you "threw it together".

4. Look beyond the craft stores for wreath items...antique stores are supply stores...garage sales...ebay and etsy...I've even found some superb items at Target, of all places!

5. Think outside the box--a great wreath is rarely only flowers...think mixed media...think different textures and fabrics...think "how has this holiday or theme never been expressed before?"

6. Learn different ways of tying bows (there are lots of online tutorials), and experiment with all of them--don't get in a bow rut.

7. Decide on 2 or three primary colors, and try to stick to this throughout your wreath...of course, the one exception to this guideline is a wreath whose theme is many, many colors--then go crazy, but still stick within color families (pastels look good with pastels, primaries look better with other primaries, etc...)

8. Don't forget the greenery! Often greens and leaves are the little things that make or break a wreath.

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